Latest Value

Small module to display only the latest value of a specific key. Suitable when monitoring temperatures, concentration of harmful gases, tilt angles, etc. Timestamp at the bottom to show when the value was received and trend indicator on the right side.



  • Green arrow: value has risen since previous measurement.
  • Yellow arrow: no change since previous measurement.
  • Red arrow: value has fallen since previous measurement.

Extra functionality

Optional Attributes
Optional Attributes
  • Value Name: replace value with text e.g. "on" for 1 and "off" for 0.
  • Suffix Icon: a selection of icons that can be displayed after the value e.g. celcius symbol.
  • Suffix: own text displayed after the value.
  • Prefix: own text displayed before the value.
  • Decimal rounding: default is 3 and maximum is 6.